Children are an important part of our family. We recognize them as the church of tomorrow, but believe they can play a key and dynamic role within the church today. Jesus welcomed children openly and was eager to bless them. He even instructed the grown-ups around him to become like children in order to the kingdom of God. We believe in training and supporting children in becoming faith-filled believers who are motivated to love God and serve others with all their hearts.

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Leader: Mayda Downs


6 months – 24 months

The nursery is located upstairs, next to the worship center. Nursery is open from 3:45-5:45. Please pick children 6-24 months up at 5:45. All other age groups may remain in their class until the end of the service.

Parents may drop their children off before worship begins and leave them through the remainder of the service. Parents may check on their child as desired, but will be contacted if there is a problem via our text message paging system.

There are two volunteers present in the nursery at all times. Children will spend their time playing with a variety of age appropriate toys and books available, and plenty of loving care and a Bible song or video will be offered. A changing table and diapers are available, if needed.

A nursing mom’s area is available across from the nursery.

Preschool is located downstairs, immediately to the right. You may pick Preschool children up after the service has finished from the play land. Please bring your pick up ticket.

Kindergarten – 5th grade children are located downstairs. Drop off is in the tile kitchen area. You may pick your child up after the service has finished from the play land. Please bring your pick up ticket.

Move-up Sunday, for school age children, is the second Sunday of June.

Each Sunday children will participate in a time of kid corporate worship where children are encouraged to connect their hearts with God as they sing songs about God’s love, the amazing things He can do, and how good God is!

Following worship, all classes will enjoy learning from the same main point, memory verse, and Bible story through age appropriate games, crafts, movies, hearing God, and object lessons.