God has called Bethel Valparaiso to be a church that responds to the needs of the earth locally and globally. God has turned our eyes and hearts beyond our local communities and asked us to follow Him into what He is doing in various places across the globe.

Bethel Valparaiso is strategically partnered with missionaries in the Middle East and several great organizations right here in Porter County.

Whether it’s a local prayer gathering or event, a mission trip, supporting our ministry partners or more, stepping into these communities can happen at any time and in a variety of different ways.

Our Global Mission Partners

Zach & Laura

Zach and Laura (and their 3 children Josh, Isabelle and Evan) are working to see the greatest amount of people give the greatest amount of glory to our great and glorious God in the Middle East. They are starting a church in the Middle East following the verse in Isaiah 66:1 “Where is the house you will build for me? Where will my resting place be?” Their desire is to build a place for the Lord and his people to find rest.

Our Local Mission Partners

First Contact

First Contact Ministry is keeping people and families in their homes with their utilities on.

Working directly with township trustees, Porter County churches, grants, organizations, businesses and individuals, a volunteer pool of office workers from area churches helps unemployed people to set healthy financial and personal goals and keep to them. Through their budgeting program, First Contact has been able to weed out habitual abusers and assist throes with a true desire to become good stewards of the resources they are provided with. To empower people toward self sufficiency, First Contact takes the time with each individual to explore why they find themselves in need of assistance to vein with, and gets to the heart of the matter providing in conjunction with financial assistance and planning a listening ear, encouragement, prayer, and referrals.

It is First Contacts hope and prayer that more members of our community will become involved by becoming financial supporters of First contact. To do so, please submit tax deductible donations to First Contact Inc., 61 Indiana Ave., Suite D, Valparaiso, IN 46383

Courtside Ministries

Courtside Ministries mission is to enable people working in or going in and out of courthouses to experience the love, grace and power of Jesus Christ by inviting His presence through prayer. We desire to see people globally encouraged through hope, strengthened through prayer, guided by the Bible, helped by the community, reconciled to each other, and forgiven through Christ. To accomplish the mission we will partner with local churches and faith-based social services for sustainable follow-up and support.

Meets at Valparaiso Courthouse (downtown Valpo)
Hours: Mon and Wed 8am-12noon weather permitting
Contact: Rita Truex (219) 462-0277

Call Barb Kemler – Director at (219) 462-8332 for more information.

Women’s Center of NWI

The life saving work at the Women’s Center Of NWI provides free pregnancy testing and ultrasounds to abortion minded clients, free STD testing, and Community Groups.