BSSM Valparaiso

Bethel Valparaiso School of Supernatural Ministry is founded on the truth that God loves people, that Jesus gave his life so that we can live in spiritual authority on earth, and that we have a responsibility to share God’s love.

What is BSSM?

BSSM Valparaiso is equipping revivalists, who passionately love God and people, to carry out transformation in their God-given spheres of influence. Students are equipped to walk in the gifts of the Spirit, understand their identity in Christ, and empower them to follow Jesus as He moves powerfully on the earth today.

At BSSM Valparaiso, we believe that we owe the world an encounter with God. It is our mission to train and equip students to reveal God’s glory wherever they go. To accomplish this, we use weekly online video teaching out of BSSM in Redding, CA. Additionally, we use weekly in-person, activation-based classes to create an environment where our students can personally discover their identity in Christ, grow in intimacy with the Father, and continue in the ministry style of Jesus.

BSSM Valparaiso Announcements

For questions about BSSM, please email to Sheri Aurenz at [email protected]

BSSM Fall 2021 Registration

Beginning September 1, 2021
Each semester will include weekly online teaching and work through BSSM Equip. Weekly Wednesday evening activation classes and revival groups.

BSSM Valparaiso FAQ

What does the schedule look like? What’s the time commitment?

BSSM Valparaiso’s in-person class will meet on Wednesday evenings at a location to be determined. We have some families with children and are looking into childcare options for Wednesday evenings.
Revival groups are scheduled to meet on Friday evenings, twice a month at the church.
The weekly online work should be very manageable. On average, there will be a teaching video of 45 minutes to an hour. After the video, there are typically 3-5 homework questions and 1-3 activation questions. There will often be suggested reading for the week as well. The goal is to keep homework around 2.5 hrs or less per week. In order for this to succeed it has to be manageable for people who work full-time jobs. So, if the workload appears to be overwhelming, we’ll adjust accordingly either on an individual basis or with the group.

What are the subjects covered in the school?

BSSM Valparaiso 2021 Spring and Fall Class List

The Ways of Royalty – Kris Vallotton
Kris Vallotton instructs students to live a lifestyle in response to the vision that God has given them, not in response to past hurt and shame. Forgiveness restores the standard, ushering in freedom, and wholeness.

Living from Eternity – Kris Vallotton
Kris Vallotton discusses how it is the believer’s job to live with eternity in mind. You are seated in heavenly places with eternity in your heart.

Supernatural Ways of Royalty – Kris Vallotton
Kris Vallotton teaches students what it looks like to live connected to their royal identities as sons and daughters of God. He answers students’ questions related to developing a royalty mentality, honoring leaders in authority, and more.

Cornerstone Beliefs – Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson shares the four cornerstones of faith: God is good, nothing is impossible, Jesus’ blood paid for everything, and we are significant. These four cornerstones determine our significance and how we live our lives as believers.

Father’s Embrace – Danny Silk
Danny Silk teaches about connecting to the heart of the Father and developing intimacy with Him. A healthy relationship with the Father leads to lasting freedom.

Honor & Impartation – Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson teaches the correlation between honor and impartation. Honor is the currency of heaven, which releases life and inheritance.

Culture of Honor & Revivalist Lifestyle – Mark Brookes
Honor is an integral part of revival. Mark Brookes explains the core value of honor and how it creates a culture of honor at Bethel Church and BSSM.

The Heart of the Prophetic – Ben Armstrong
In the first session of his prophetic series, Ben Armstrong shares the heart and foundation for the prophetic gift.

Moving into Friendship with God – Kris Vallotton
Kris Vallotton teaches on how becoming a friend of God allows us to influence the Lord.

Responsibility to Inheritance – Eric Johnson
In this session, Eric Johnson shares the history of Bethel Church and the price that was paid for renewal. We have a responsibility to carry and increase the inheritance that has been given to us.

Responsibility to Inheritance – Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson teaches about our responsibility to increase the move of God that is being transferred from the previous generation and how we can develop the mindset of a revivalist.

Outreach Evangelism – Chris Overstreet
Chris Overstreet encourages students to take risks in outreach, using their gifts and operating in honor and love.

Evangelism: Heart & How To – Chris Overstreet
Chris Overstreet continues to provide students with tools for evangelism. He teaches the best ways to approach individuals out of a heart full of love, compassion, and respect.

Risk Made Easy – Joaquin Evans
Joaquin Evans shares keys on breakthrough in healing. Healing comes from the overflow of our relationship with God and bringing people into a love encounter with Him.

The Power of the Testimony – Bill Johnson
Testimonies are the spirit of prophecy! Bill Johnson explains the power that testimonies release to students.

Accessing the Momentum of God – Joaquin Evans
Joaquin Evans shares about accessing the momentum of God and what brings pleasure to the Father.

Relationships: Confrontation, Communication, & Boundaries – Danny Silk
A culture of honor is created in an environment when people feel safe and loved. In this session, Danny Silk teaches how healthy confrontation, communication, and boundaries can promote trust and remove fear in relationships.

Powerful People, Powerful Relationships – Danny Silk
Danny Silk shares about how to be a powerful person in a seemingly powerless relationship, and how to keep your love on towards others.

Plan for Purity – Kris Vallotton
In this session, Kris Vallotton talks about the importance of purity and the battle to protect it. Sex was created by God to be enjoyed in the covenant of marriage. Kris also shares practical steps for creating a purity plan.

Deliverance – Mark Brookes
Through Jesus Christ, we have been given authority over the demonic realm. Mark Brookes shares how believers can help captives be set free through deliverance ministry.

Salvation: The Past, Present, & Future – Bernie Ooley
As believers, we are not just born again by faith, but called to live a lifestyle of faith. In this session, Bernie Ooley teaches the implications of salvation, repentance, and sanctification for our lives.

The Holy Spirit – The Person and Fruit – Leslie Crandall
In this session, Leslie Crandall teaches on the Holy Spirit and how important He is to the believer’s life. Intimacy with the Holy Spirit is just as important intimacy with the Father and Son.

The Holy Spirit – Baptism and Gifts – Kalley Heiligenthal
In this session, Kalley Heiligenthal reminds us that Jesus gave us one of the greatest gifts in the Holy Spirit and that we still have access to His power and presence today.

Manifestations of the Spirit – Kris Vallotton
In this session, Kris Vallotton shares how students should posture their hearts towards manifestations of the Spirit.

Possessed by God – Georgian Banov
Georgian Banov shares insight on how God’s love and grace transforms us and sets us apart to be a light to others.

Loving the Word: 1 – Jared Neusch
In his first session of Loving the Word, Jared Neusch shares three keys to fall more in love with Scripture.

Cultural Transformers – Kris Vallotton
Kris Vallotton shares the goal of raising up world-class leaders, sent into every realm of society to transform culture.

Church is Family, Not A Business – Banning Liebscher
Jesus Culture leader, Banning Liebscher, shares the difference between family and business, and that the church should be an attractive family.

Moving in Apostleship, Part 1 – Kris Vallotton
In this session, Kris Vallotton begins teaching on moving away from denominationalism and into apostleships. He discusses the roles of apostles to change culture and how the role of an apostle can be distinguished from the role of a pastor.

Creating Powerful People, Part 1 – Eric Johnson
In this session, Eric Johnson makes powerful connections between leadership, relationshipm and freedom.

Creating Powerful People, Part 2 – Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson continues his teaching on creating powerful people in a school environment. He touches on leadership, feedback, and self-promotion.

Authenticity in Leadership – Danny Silk
Danny Silk shares about being a leader that is genuine, knowable, and able to give and receive feedback.

Kingdom Keys for Deploying Back Into Communities – Paul Manwaring
Paul Manwaring explains the power of convergence, dreaming, and knowing what you love as keys to transition and transformation.

What do the Wednesday night in-person classes look like?

The Wednesday night classes will include a short time of worship, teaching, and a time of activation.

What are the Friday night revival groups?

Friday night revival groups will be a time to build community, discuss and impart core values, and activate each other in personal revival.