Bethel Valparaiso

2020 - Present

Jason & Ange Hale

Jason has had a desire to offer strength as a spiritual father to the body as many transitions occurred.  Jason stepped in as interim pastor before beginning as Senior Pastor in the fall of 2020.  Jason and Ange have a passion for pastoring a church that is having increasing victory in their lives, with their families and in their “ministry” in their spheres of influence.  They envision a body of believers that are unified, and operating in faith, love and power.


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2014 - 2019

Kyle Felke

Kyle Felke became the Senior Pastor in August of 2014. He had been an Associate Pastor at Bethel since 2011. Above all else Kyle is passionate about seeking the face of God and hosting his presence both as individuals and as a corporate body that is growing in maturity and love as we practice the lifestyle of Jesus, taking it out into our community and the world. In the spring of 2017 Kyle attended a summit with Eric Johnson and other senior pastors of Bethel churches. Bethel Redding has never been a church planting church or provided direct spiritual covering. They officially made Bethel Valparaiso a Bethel church under their covering and gave us their logo in the fall of 2017 along with Bethel Cleveland, Bethel Atlanta, Bethel Austin, and Bethel New Zealand.

2005 - 2014

Garner Tullis

Garner Tullis was appointed the Senior Pastor in April of 2005. In 2008, the Church Board unanimously voted to change our direct spiritual covering from the Association of Vineyard Churches to  pursue becoming like Bethel Church in Redding, California and being connected with their apostolic network of regional churches called Global Legacy.  This move brought about a name change which more accurately reflects a prophetic word given to the church in 1998. In 2014 Garner stepped down to pursue opening a non-profit to benefit the community of Valparaiso.

1991 - 2005

Jack Balon

Jack Balon became the Senior Pastor in August of 1991. He and his wife Cindy had a determination to see Northwest Indiana won to Jesus Christ, primarily through relational evangelism. They since felt a call to the nations and went overseas before returning to the U.S. to take on a new pastoring position.

1987 - 1991

John & Linda Cruz

John and Linda Cruz came to Valparaiso in September of 1987 having been involved with church planting, pastoring and evangelism throughout Indiana since the early 1970s. They came with the vision of building a large, evangelical, Spirit-filled church that would bless what He blesses, love what He loves and give of itself freely and consequently planted a Vineyard Church.