Youth Group

We strive for a passionate relationship with God and one another. Our goal is to introduce Him to our generation that will lead to radical change.

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What We Do

We gather every Wednesday night from 600- 800 PM meeting new people, breaking into small groups, discussing real life issues, games, food. (7th-12th Grade)

Need Encouragement? We got you! A student led movement where we pray, encourage, and build you up through prayer during youth group. Through prayer and Holy Spirit’s guidance, we have seen many students encouraged by their peers calling out God given potential and value within each person who is placed in the Encouragement Seat! Come get encouraged!

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Youth Testimonials

Youth group means a lot to me for many reasons. The leaders and my peers really invest in both my life and my gifts. I have grown a lot since I first started. I thank God for such an amazing youth group.


Youth group has changed the way that I connect with people and God. It has taught me that I should never feel alone. I have people that I have bonded with through learning about, and pursuing, God. The most important thing that I have learned is that I will always have God on my side.

Katie D.

Youth group has changed my life for the better. Before coming, I had been living my life without compassion. I had been unintentionally and selfishly hurting many people’s feelings. When I started coming to youth, everyone was very accepting of me and I connected with them right away. Over the past two years, I have learned how to love without boundaries, care with the compassion of Jesus, and how to prophesy over my peers. My youth family is very important to me. Everyone has played a part in helping me grow as a person and as a Christian. Bethel Valparaiso Youth has changed my life.

Bri W.

Youth group has helped me become a much more confident person. It has helped me find my personal identity in Christ. I am able to use worship as a way to connect with God and lead others in finding how good He is. It is amazing to have a group of encouraging and loving people to spend with every week.